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Issue 144

5111 Kali Era, Virodhi Year, Margasira month
2066 Vikramarka Era, Virodhi Year, Margasira month
1930 Salivahana Era,
Virodhi Year, Margasira month
 2009 AD, December





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Diet and Exercise

The Secret of Living Long
Soy Uses


Pomegranates for MRSA
Mint Pain Killer

Whole Wheat Vegetarian Lasagna
Vegetarian Mac and Cheese
Ten More Vegetarian Recipes
Top 10 Vegetarian Recipes of 2009

Diet and Exercise
Coffee lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes by increasing the body’s ability to use insulin to convert blood sugar to energy, previous research has shown. Other ingredients in coffee and tea that may have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar are chlorogenic acid and magnesium.
A study found that drinking three or four cups of coffee daily lowered the risk of diabetes by about 25 percent, while consuming more than three or four cups of decaffeinated coffee lowered the risk by about one-third. Those drinking more than three to four cups of tea lowered their risk about one-fifth, according to the study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.  The analysis found that for each cup of coffee people drank, their likelihood of getting diabetes dropped by 7 percent.
However, it should be noted that in India people in general drink coffee and tea.  Many workers in various public and private work places drink a minimum of three cups of coffee or tea per day – one cup at home with breakfast, one cup at about 10.00 AM, another cup at 3.00 PM.  Prevalence of diabetes is very high in Indian populations, with three or four cups of coffee/tea daily. 

In another study, Harvard researchers reported that men who drank 6 or more cups of coffee a day had a 60 percent lower risk of developing the advanced form of prostate cancer than those who didn’t consume any.  It found that the 5 percent of men who drank 6 or more cups a day had a 60 percent lower risk of developing advanced prostate cancer than those who didn’t consume any. The risk was about 2 percent lower for the men who drank 1 to 3 cups a day, and 25 percent lower for those consuming 4 or 5 cups.

The Secret of Living Long
Eat a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, and eat only 80% full to live long and healthy, like Jpanese of Okinawa island, traditionally they have a culture in which people only eat a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables until they are 80% full.  Drink a thick mountain herbal tea several times a day to above 90 like the people in Ikaria, a Greek island with the largest per capita population of over 90 year olds any where in the world. The Ikarian drink contains a mixture of herbs such as purple sage, spleenwort, rosemary and wild mint. They also eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and olive oil and practically no processed foods.  Another reason is due to the active lifestyle of all the island’s inhabitants because there is very little in the way of transportation due to the mountainous landscape.  Be a vegetarian and do not smoke or drink, if you want to outlive your fellow citizens and be healthy like the Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda. Additionally the fact they the community experience less stress may also be contribute.  If you want to have a very high chance of living past 90, eat a too is rich in fruit, grain and vegetables, especially lot of plums, peaches, apricots and cherries like Hunza people in Pakistan.  To reach live healthy beyond your 100th birthday like Ecuadorians of Vilacamba region, drink pure natural mineral water.

A new study shows that middle-aged men and women who engage in high levels of physical activity -- at home and at work as well as at the gym -- may be unwittingly damaging their knees and increasing their risk for osteoarthritis.  Weight-bearing activities such as running and jumping are worse for knee health and carry a greater risk of injury over time; while low-impact activities, such as swimming and cycling, may protect diseased cartilage and prevent healthy cartilage from developing disease.
Osteoarthritis, in which the wear and tear of joints over the years leads to the breakdown of cartilage, affects about 27 million Americans, according to the CDC.
  Obesity increases the risk for developing osteoarthritis. Overweight persons might reduce their chances for developing or aggravating their osteoarthritis by losing weight. Furthermore, if a person already has substantial osteoarthritis in a weight-bearing joint, such as a knee or hip, weight reduction can significantly improve their ability to rehabilitate after joint surgery as well as decrease their risk of surgical complications.
  Vitamin C is important in the development of normal cartilage. A deficiency of Vitamin C might lead to the development of weak cartilage. Vitamin C is commonly available in citrus fruits. Supplementation with a Vitamin C tablet may be advised if dietary fruits are unavailable.
  Persons with low bone mineral density, such as in osteoporosis, may be at increased risk for osteoarthritis. Exercise and adequate calcium intake, as recommended for age and gender, can help to maintain bone density.
  Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to increase the risk of joint space narrowing and progression of disease in osteoarthritis. Many doctors are recommending Vitamin D supplementation of 400IU daily. This can also help to prevent osteoporosis.
  In recent years, there have been studies originally conducted in Europe and more recently in the United States that have verified that the food supplements glucosamine and chondroitin can help to relieve osteoarthritis symptoms, including pain and stiffness. Each of these supplements can be taken alone or in combination formulations. Keep in mind that glucosamine has been marketed as a "cartilage rebuilder." This is in part under the assumption that, because glucosamine is a component of normal cartilage, consuming it will assist in the rebuilding of damaged cartilage. There is no strong evidence that glucosamine alone, or in combination with chondroitin, is of value in rebuilding cartilage that has been damaged by osteoarthritis. Vegetarian glucosamine is available, but chondroitin has to be from animals.

Soy Uses
Soy foods are safe for women who have had breast cancer, a study released this week finds. In fact, they may live longer if they eat soy.  In the study, women in the low-soy group had about the amount in one-half cup of soy milk daily. Intake was three cups in the high-soy group.  After four years, 7.4% of those who ate the most soy had died.  The death rate was 10.3% for women who ate the least soy.  Results were similar whether or not the women's cancers were the type that grows in response to estrogen. The study appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

University of Illinois researchers found a soy peptide called lunasin which is found in the waste streams of soy-processing plants, may be used to treat leukemia and prevent inflammation that is linked to chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  They reported in a study published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research that consumption of 50 grams of soy protein for five days can significantly boost its availability in the blood.

They also verified that lunasin inhibits topoisomerase 2, which is an enzyme that marks the development of cancer.  In another study, the researchers reported for the first time lunasin's potential anti-inflammatory properties. Lunasin was found to block or reduce the activation of an important marker called NF-kappa-B, which is involved in inflammation.  Lunasin can also reduce interleukin-1 and interleukin-6, both play an important role in the inflammatory process. A greater reduction was found in interleukin-6.  Inflammation is involved in chronic health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer.  Lunasin is found high in some types of soy beans, but not all soybeans have high levels of this peptide. The yield of this soy protein depends also on the location.


Pomegranates have already been hailed as a super-food but a team of scientists from Kingston University in South West London has found a new use for the deep red fruit. The team, led by Professor Declan Naughton, has discovered that the rind can be turned into an ointment for treating MRSA and other common hospital infections. Pomegranate rind combined with metal salts was the most effective combination for treating MRSA, while other common hospital infections were better dealt with by all three components: pomegranate rind, metal salts and Vitamin C.

Mint Pain Killer
Brazilian mint tea otherwise known as hyptis crenata appears to have equal analgesic qualities as proprietary pain killers.  The most common method of preparation of tea is to boil the dry leaves for 30 minutes and allow the concoction to cool before use.


Whole Wheat Vegetarian Lasagna
Ingredients: 1 8 ounce package whole wheat lasagne noodles, cooked slightly (al dente); 1 9 ounce package frozen raw spinach; 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese; 3 cups low-fat cottage cheese; 3 cups pre-made or store-bought pasta sauce; 3 cups grated low-moisture part skim mozzarella cheese.

Preparation: Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees.  In medium mixing bowl add cottage cheese and Parmesan cheese. Spray a 13 x 9-inch glass baking dish with non-stick cooking spray. Put one layer of slightly cooked lasagna noodles flat across the bottom of the baking dish. Add 1/2 the leaf spinach, pressing down lightly and evenly over noodles. Top with another layer of lasagna noodles. Top this layer of noodles with the cottage cheese mixture; add the remaining spinach. Then add the last of the lasagna noodles laid evenly on top of spinach. Spread pasta sauce evenly over the top; sprinkle with mozzarella cheese. Press down lightly. Cover baking dish with foil, using foil sprayed with cooking spray and keeping foil off the center of the lasagna. Secure sides tightly over baking dish. Bake about 1 hour 15 minutes in oven. To lightly brown the top, remove foil for a few minutes at the end of baking time. Allow to sit for 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

Vegetarian Mac and Cheese
Ingredients: 1 pound elbow pasta; 1-1/2 cups skim milk; 3 small garlic cloves; 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg; 1/4 teaspoon chili powder; 1cup flat leaf parsley leaves; 2 ripe avocados, diced and divided; 5 ounces reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese, cut in 1/2 inch cubes; 1 tablespoon lime juice; 1/2 cup chopped chives.
Preparation: In large sauce pot, cook pasta in salted water according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, combine milk, garlic, nutmeg and chili powder. Bring to a boil; reduce heat; simmer for 5 minutes.  When pasta is almost cooked, place the parsley leaves, 1-1/2 cups of the diced avocado, the cheese, lime juice and hot milk with garlic cloves in blender and whirl until smooth. Drain pasta and return to sauce pot.  Pour cheese sauce over pasta; toss to combine. Add chives and remaining 1/2 cup diced avocado; toss gently. 

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Top 10 Vegetarian Recipes of 2009 at

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