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Mana Sanskriti (Our Culture)



Chief Editor: Dr. Sreenivasarao Vepachedu

Mana Sanskriti Archives
Biographies of Indian Writers
Festivals and Religion

Mana Sanskriti Archives

5116 KE
2014-2015 AD
Chaitra Month
Issue: 195

Vaisakha Month Issue 196
Jyeshta Month
Issue 197
Hope and Reality

Ashadha Month
Issue 198

Shravana Month
Issue 199
Bhadrapada Month
Issue 200
Asvayuja Month Issue 201
Karthika Month
Issue 202
Margasira Month, Issue 203
Pushya Month, Issue 204
Magha Month
Issue 205
Phalguna Month
Issue 206

5115 KE

2013-2014 AD
Chaitra Month, Issue 183: Thimmakavi Neshadhamu
Vaisakha Month, Issue 184: Kalapriya
Jyeshta Month, Issue 185: Venkatachalapati Koduru
Ashadha Month, Issue 186: Emergency Contraception
Shravana Month, Issue 187: False Allegations Against Hindu Priests
Bhadrapada Month, Issue 188:Venkatakrishna Gunuguturi
Asvayuja Month, Issue 189: Language
Karthika Month, Issue 190: EYE CONTAC
Margasira Month, Issue 191: DIVERSITY
Pushya Month, Issue 192: CULTURAL DIVERSITY
Magha Month
Issue 193

Phalguna Month
Issue 194

5114 KE
Chaitra Month, Issue 171:
Sreenivasadeekshitulu Ratnakheta
Vaisakha Month, Issue 172:
What is in a Name?
Jyeshta Month, Issue 173:
Kadireepati Palakaveri
Ashadha Month, Issue 174:
Kanteerava Narasaraju Immadi
Shravana Month, Issue 175:
Jagadevarayalu Immadi
Bhadrapada Month, Issue 176:
Oubalakavi Ponnathota
Asvayuja Month, Issue 177:
Technology and Culture
Karthika Month, Issue 178:
Vengalanayakudu Damerla
Margasira Month, Issue 179:
Anantabhoopaludu Tupakula
Pushya Month, Issue 180:
Pedakempagouda Yelahamka
Magha Month, Issue 181:
Narasaraju Kantheerava
Phalguna Month, Issue 182:
Veeraraju Kalavi

5113 KE
Chaitra Month, Issue 159:
Vaisakha Month, Issue 160:
Bhashyakarasastri Charla
Jyeshta Month, Issue 161:
Venkatakavi Chamakura
Ashadha Month, Issue 162:
Mallana Madayagari
Shravana Month, Issue 163:
Rudrakavi Kandukuri
Bhadrapada Month, Issue 164:
Ellanaacharyulu Chintalapudi
Asvayuja Month, Issue 165:
Vijayaraghava Nayak
Karthika Month, Issue 166:
Margasira Month, Issue 167:
Shahaji Bhonsale
Pushya Month, Issue 168:
Shivaji 2nd
Magha Month, Issue 169:
Venkatakavi Ganapavarapu
Phalguna Month, Issue 170:
Vijayaranga Chokkanadha Nayakudu

5112 KE
Chaitra Month, Issue 147:
Hanumanthrao Kaallakuri
Vaisakha Month, Issue 148:
Narasimhasastri Mokkapati
Jyestha Month, Issue 149:
Venkataramanayya Nelaturi
Ashadha Month, Issue 150:
Venkataramayya Pudipeddi
Shravana Month, Issue 151:
Venkataramanayya Turaga
Bhadrapada Month, Issue 152:
Somana Nachana
Aasvayuja Month, Issue 153:
Pinaveerabhadrudu Pillalamarri
Karthika Month, Issue 154:
Timmanna Nandi
Margasira Month, Issue 155:
Pushya Month, Issue 156:
Ramakrishnudu Tenali
Magha Month, Issue 157:
Venkata Ganapavarapu
Phalguna Month, Issue 158:
Vijayaranga Chokkanadha Nayakudu

5111 KE
Chaitra Month, Issue 135:
Subbayya Potukuchi
Vaisakha Month, Issue 136:
Sitaramayya Kurugamti
Jyestha Month, Issue 137:
Narayanarao Chilukuri
Ashadha Month, Issue 138:
Subbaramayya Gannavarapu
Shravana Month, Issue 139:
Subrahmanyasastri Sripada
Bhadrapada Month, Issue 140:
Jagannadhasastri Duvvuri
Aasvayuja Month, Issue 141:
Tammayya Bandaaru
Karthika Month, Issue 142:
Narayanmurthi Bhogaraju
Margasira Month, Issue 143:
Deekshitulu Chinta

Pushya Month, Issue 144:
Ramakrishnayya Korada
Magha Month, Issue 145:
Sreeramasastri Gollapudi
Phalguna Month, Issue 146:
Sivasankarasastri Tallavajjala

5110 KE
Chaitra Month, Issue 123:
Seshagirirao Burra
Vaisakha Month, Issue 124:
Apparao Vissa
Jyestha Month, Issue 125:
Apparao Vissa

Ashadha Month, Issue 126:
Ganganna Jayanthi 
 Shravana Month, Issue 127:
Sitaramasastri Gollapudi
Bhaadrapada Month, Issue 128:
Parvateeswarasastri Mandapaka
Aasvayuja Month, Issue 129:
Vasudevasastri Veeturi
Karthika Month, Issue 130:
Omar Ali-Shaw
Margasira Month, Issue 131:
Syamalakamasastri Kotra
Pushya Month, Issue 132:
Venkatakrishnarao Devaraju
Magha Month, Issue 133:
Satyanarayanasarma  Eeswara
Phalguna Month, Issue 134:
Jagannadhaswami Paranandi

5109 KE
Chaitra Month, Issue 111:
Achyutarao Tekumalla 
Vaisakha Month, Issue 112: Yogananda Chillarige  Jyestha Month, Issue 113:
Lakshmipati Achamta
Ashadha Month, Issue 114:
Somanna Garimella 
Shravana Month, Issue 115:
Seshayya Chaganti
Bhaadrapada Month, Issue 116:
Suryanarayanasastri Vasa
Aasvayuja Month, Issue 117:
Suryanarayanasastri Gorti
Karthika Month, Issue 118: Seshadrisharma Janamanchi

Margasira Month, Issue 119:
Narasimham Mantripreggada
Pushya Month, Issue 120:
Subrahmanyasastri Avvari 
Magha Month, Issue 121:
Venkataramasastri Oleti
Ramakrishnasastri Vedula
Phalguna Month, Issue 122:
Lakshminarasimhasharma Munnangi

5108 KE
Chaitra Month, Issue  99: Venkatasubbarao Toleti Vaisakha Month, Issue 100: Rajagopalarao Tekumalla  Jyeshtha Month, Issue 101: Suryanrayanateerthulu Puranam Ashadha Month, Issue 102: Kameswrarao Sripada Shravana Month, Issue 103: Subrahmanyasastri Pendyala Bhaadrapada Month, Issue 104: Krishnasastry Devulapally Aasvayuja Month, Issue 105: Sadasivasankarasastry Bhagavatula Karthika Month, Issue 106: Anjaneyulu Kundurthi
Margasira Month, Issue 107: Seetaramarao Mudiyam
Pushya Month, Issue 108:
Ramarao Adidamu
Magha Month, Issue 109: Venkatasastri Ketavarapu Phalguna Month, Issue 110: Suryanarayanasastri Malladi
5107 KE
Chaitra Month, Issue 88: Narasimhasastri Chimtalapalli Vaisakha Month, Issue 89: Hanumantharao Jallepalli Jyeshta Month, Issue 90: Bhavanarayana Jayanti Ashadha Month, Issue 91: Venkatasivudu Rayasam Shravana Month, Issue 92: Sundararamamurti Kasisomayajula Bhaadrapada Month, Issue 93: Dravida Brahmins of Andhra Aasvayuja Month, Issue 94: Sambasivarao Kallakuri
Gopalakrishnarao Durgi
Veerabhadrarao Chilukuri
Karthika Month, Issue 95: Venkataramayya Janamanchi
Krishnacharyulu Kasi
Suryarao Krottapalli
Chalapatirao Nandiraju
Narayanamurty Yanamandra
 Bhagavad Gita and Management
Margasira Month, Issue 96: Telugu Death Pushya/Magha Month, Issue 97: Ramachandrasastri Marepalli Phalguna Month, Issue 98: Subrahmanysarma Durba

5106 KE
Chaitra Month, Issue 75: Lakshminarasimharao Taduri Vaisakha Month, Issue 76: Venkataramasastri Kalluri  Jyeshta Month, Issue 77: Ramayya Jayanti  Ashadha Month, Issue 78: Jaladurga Prasadarayudu Nidamarti  Adhika Sravana Month, Issue 79: Venkataramanacharyulu Medepalli Nija Sravana Month, Issue 80: Venkataramamurthy Gidugu  Bhaadrapada Month, Issue 81: Narayanadasu Adibhatla Aasvayuja Month, Issue 82: Sitaramayya Sattiraju Karthika Month, Issue 83: Lakshminarasimharao Panuganti
Margasira Month, Issue 84: Bilingualism
Pushya Month, Issue 85: Ramakrishna Kavi Manavalli Maagha Month, Issue 86: Krishnamurtisastri Sripada Phalguna Month, Issue 87: Narasimhamu Koochi 
5105 KE
Chaitra Month, Issue 63: Nageswararao Kasinadhuni  Vaisakha Month, Issue 64: Satyanarayana Garimella Jyeshta Month, Issue 65: Gopalakrishnayya Duggirala  Ashadha Month, Issue 66: Viswanadham Thenneti  Sravana Month, Issue 67: Venkatasivarao  Digavalli  Bhaadhrapada Month, Issue 68: Anjaneyulu Kodali Aasvayuja Month, Issue 69:
Karthika Month, Issue 70: Varadacharlyulu Vanamamalai  Margasira Month, Issue 71: Narayanacharyulu Puttaparti Pushya Month, Issue 72: Krishnamacharyulu Dasaradhi  Maagha Month, Issue 73: Vasudevasastry Vavilala  Phalguna Month, Issue 74: Subbarayudu Vaddadi 
5104 KE
Chaithra Month, Issue 51:
Bapiraju Adivi
Vaisakha Month, Issue 52: Satyanarayana Vishwanadha Jyeshta Month, Issue 53: Ramabrahmam Gudavalli  Ashadha Month, Issue 54: Somasekharasharma Mallampalli  Sravana Month, Issue 55: Prabhakarasastri Veturi Bhaadhrapada Monthm Isssue 56: Krishnavenamma Ganti   Aasvayuja Month, Issue 57: Lakshminarayana Unnava Karthika Month, Issue 58: Pattabhiseetaramayya Bhogaraju  Margasira Month, Issue 59: Raghava Ballari  Pushya Month, Issue 60: The Cultural Fate of Hyderabad State  Maagha Month, Issue 61: Lakshmanarao Komarraju   Phalguna Month, Issue 62: Veerabhadrarao Adiraju


Biographies of Indian Writers


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