Prabhakarasastri Veturi (1880-1950)

Prabhakarasastri Veturi was a pundit in Sanskrit and Telugu.  As a publisher and writer, he introduced to Telugu people several ancient texts, in association with Ramakrishna Manavalli from prachyalikhita pustaka bhandagaram (library of ancient scripts).  He discovered the copper scripts of Annamayya's poetry and introduced him to Telugu people.  Similarly, he unearthed palm scripts of Ranganadha's ragadalu.  He published tanjavuri andhrarajula charitra, srinadha vaibhavamu, sringara srinadham, manucharitra, basavapuranam etc. with elaborate introductions.  He translated Bhasa's pratimanatakam, karnabharam and madhyamavyayogam.

Prabhakarassastry Veturi became a spiritual disciple (Medium # 330) of Master C.V.V. (Canchupati Venkatrao Venkaswamirao) on 22.06.1916.  He attracted a lot of disciples with his charisma, spirituality and healing powers.  Prabhakarasastri's disciples believe that he cured ill people and gave life to dead persons by acquiring spiritual powers by Master C.V.V.s grace.   Prabhakarasastri wrote and published prajna prabhakaram, an autobiography.  Ramakotayya Kotta, one of his desciples, wrote maa sastrigaaru, a biography of Prabhakarasastri in 1956.

Master C.V.V.'s followers believe that he (Master C.V.V). is one of the Masters of Wisdom who works for the initiation of the individual soul into the Yogic consciousness of this earth. He imparts training to these souls "to work for the plan of the Planetary and the Solar to find its place on the background of the Cosmic consciousness."  He uses his disciples as the physical vehicles for conducting his work and he calls them his direct Mediums.  He trains them in the laws of healing and coexistence.  He also imparts training in the knowledge and participation of life on other planes than the physical. He was born on 4th August, 1868 and started his group work when the light of the Halley's Comet entered into him in 1910.  Since then people got influenced by his multi-dimensional consciousness through his presence, look and touch. He gave his grand initiation to his first group of workers on 29th May, 1910 and took them as his Mediums.  He named his Yogic Path Bhrikta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga. He left his physical body in 1922 and established his Etheric Presence (Astral Body) on this earth, making it immortal.  He established communication between himself and his disciples through an invocation of mantra of three letters, C.V.V.

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