BEVERAGES: Carbonated (per 8-ounce glass): Cola-type-95 calories, Fruit
flavors(10-13% sugar)-115 calories, Ginger Ale-75 calories, Fruit drinks (per 1/2
cup): Apricot nectar-70 calories, Cranberry juice-80 calories, Grape
drink-70 calories, Lemonade (frozen)-55 calories, Fruit juices (per 1/2
cup): Apple juice, canned-60 calories, Grape juice, bottled-80 calories,
Grapefruit juice, canned, unsweetened-50 calories, Orange juice, canned,
unsweetened-55 calories, Pineapple juice, canned, unsweetened-70 calories,
Prune juice, canned-100 calories, Vegetable juices (per 1/2 cup): Tomato
juice-25 calories,Vegetable juice cocktail-20 calories
Coffee and tea: Coffee, black-3-5 calories, with 1 tsp. Sugar-18-20
calories, with 1 tsp. Cream-13-15 calories, Tea, plain-0-1 calories, with
1 tsp. Sugar-15-16 calories.

CANDY, CHIPS, AND PRETZELS:Candy (per ounce): Hard candy-110 calories,
Jelly beans-105 calories,Marshmallows-90 calories, Gumdrops-100 calories, Chips (per cup), Corn
chips-230 calories, Potato chips-115 calories, Popcorn: (air-popped,
without butter)-25 calories, Pretzels: Dutch, 1 twisted-60 calories,
Stick, 5 regular-10 calories

CHEESE (per ounce): American, processed-105 calories, Cottage, creamed-30
calories, Cottage, low-fat (2%)-25 calories, Swiss, natural-105 calories,

CRACKERS: Butter, 2-inch diameter-15 calories, Graham, 2 1/2 inches
square, 2- 55 calories, Matzoh, 6-inch diameter-80 calories, Rye-45
calories, Saltine-50 calories.

FRUITS (raw): Apple, 1 medium:80 calories,  Apricots(fresh, 3 medium):50
calories,  Apricots (dried, 5 halves): 40 calories, Banana (1 medium):105
calories, Blackberries (1/2 cup):35 calories, Blueberries(1/2 cup):40
calories, Cantaloupe (1/4 melon): 50 calories, Cherries(10): 50 calories,
Dates (dried,3):70 calories
Fig, dried(1 medium):50 calories, Grapefruit(1/2):40 calories, Grapes
(20): 30 calories, Orange (1medium): 60 calories, Peach ( 1 medium):35
calories, Pear (1 medium):100 calories, Pineapple(1/2 cup): 40 calories
Prunes (dried, 3): 60 calories, Raisins (1/4 cup):110 calories,
Strawberries(1 cup): 45 calories, Watermelon (1 cup):50 calories.

NUTS (per 2 tablespoons): Almonds: 105 calories, Brazil nuts: 115
calories, Cashews:100 calories,Peanuts:105 calories, Pecans(halves): 95 calories

VEGETABLES (raw): Carrots(1/2 cup grated):35 calories, Celery (5-inch
stalks, 3):10 calories, Pickle ( 1): 15-20 calories. Source:NIH
 Sreenivasarao Vepachedu,06/22/98

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