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Issue 70

5105 Kali Era , Swabhanu Year, Kartika  month
1925 Salivahana Era , Swabhanu Year, 
Kartika  month
2061 Vikramarka Era,
Swabhanu Year, Kartika  month
 2003 AD, November

Varadacharlyulu Vanamamalai (1914-1984)

Varadacharlyulu Vanamamalai was born on August 16, 1914 in a pundit family of Vaikhanasa Brahmins in Madikonda village in Warangal district. His father was Bakkayyasastri and mother was Seetamamba.  Bakkayyasastri was a great pundit in both Sanskrit and Andhra languages and a great mythologist (pouraanikudu).  Varadacharyulu married Vaidehi, daughter of Jagnnadhacharyulu Kodumagulla of Chennuru.

Varadacharyulu went to school up to 7th grade only.  However, he studied Sanskrit and Andhra literature, mythology, tarkamu (logic), vedantamu (philosophy) and vyakaranamu (grammar) under the guidance of his eldest brother, Venkatacharyulu, and his brother-in-law. 

For sometime he performed as a mythologist and told harikatha and puraanas. After the independent Hyderabad State joined the Indian Union and a democratic government was established, Varadacharyulu served as a Telugu teacher in Adilabad, Chennuru and Koratla.  He retired in 1972.  

He wrote many songs such as mangalahaaratulu.  His first peotry, manimaala, was published in 1945.  He also wrote daagudumootalu, a song of 400 stanzas.  He wrote several songs and poems depicting Nizam's dictatorial rule in the Hyderabad kingdom (Telangana) to awaken the people of Telangana. His famous work was Potana charitra (history of Potana) for which he was awarded with title "abhinava Potana." The Andhrapradesh Sahitya Academy granted him a special membership in the Academy. Further, the Andhrapradesh government honored him by nominating him to Andhrapradesh saasanamandali (Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council) as a member.  He participated in a number of literary conferences and was felicitated many times.  He played an important role in founding and managing the Telangana rachayitala sangham (Telangana Writers' Association). 

Varadacharyulu was a Lord Rama devotee and his writings were devotional, patriotic, and philosophical.  He died in 1984. 

Source: Nooruguru Telugu Pramukhulu, by M.L. Narasimharao

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