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Issue 75

5106 Kali Era , taarana Year,  Chaitra month
1926 Salivahana Era
taarana Year, Chaitra  month
2062 Vikramarka Era, 
taarana Year, Chaitra  month
 2004 AD, April

Lakshminarasimharao Taduri (1856-1936)

Lakshminarasimharao Taduri was born in 1856 in a Chilakapadu village in West Godavari district in a Brahmin family.  His parents were Ramarao and Seetamma.  Seetamma was the daughter of Narasanna Dronamraju.  Taduri ancestors were from Taduru village in Telangana.   His grand father Lakshminarasimham was a revenue inspector in the Sanivarappeta estate of Zameendar (Landlord) Apparao Dharma.  His father was very spiritual and religious who used to spend most of his time in meditation and prayer. He married Ramaabayamma, daughter of Venkatanarasimharao Droanmraju.

Lakshminarasimharao left his village at the age of 6 and traveled for education to various towns and cities such as Bandaru, Nellore, Kakinada etc.  He graduated in Matriculation in 1884 and joined Town Middle School to serve as the Headmaster for about two years.  Later, he went to Amalapuram as a clerk in the Taluk Office.  Then, he worked as a revenue inspector in Narasapuram, Eluru, Chintalapudi, Addateegela, Bheemavaram, and Kottapeta villages.  He served as a Tahasildar also.  He died in 1936.

His literary works include:
  1. unmattaraaghavam, a drama written and published in 1889.  This is a translation of Poet Bhaskra's Sanskrit original.  It was first published in Saraswati Patrika, a journal published by the Polavaram landlord. It was published as a book in 1932.  
  2. lakshmee samvaadam, a translation from Sanskrit. First published in 1884 in Saraswati Patrika and in book form in 1899.
  3. rukminee swayamvaram,  a drama published in 1899.
  4. jnaanoadayam, a compilation of translations from English, published in Chintamani patrika by Subbarao Nyapati, published as a book in 1909.
  5. sringara tilakam, a translation of Kalidasa's Sanskrit work, published in 1910.
  6. ritusamhaaram, translation of Kalidasa's Sanskrit text, published in 1910.
  7. aandhrachandraalokam, translation of Jayadeva's Sanskrit poetry, published in Kalavati patrika in 1899 and as a book in 1910.
  8. sanatsujaateeyam, translation of Sanskrit mahabhaaratam, published in 1911.
  9. bhagavadgeeta, tanslation of bhagavadgeeta, published in 1911.
  10. rasamanjari, a translation of Bana's Sanskrit work, published in 1926.
  11. udyogaparvam, an article on Tikkana's udyogaparvam in mahaabhaaratam.
  12. baalaneeti, a satakam (work containing 100 verses), published in 1903.
  13. neetikalanidhi,  translation from English, published first in dharmavardhani patrika  and then as a book in 1910.
  14. bhoajakumaram, a drama published in 1934.
  15. sringaarabhooshanam, a translation of Bana's Sanskrit work, published in kalavati patrika.
  16. viduraneeti, a translation from Sanskrit, unpublished.

Source: naa vaajnmaya mitrulu, Kameswararao Tekumalla

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