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Issue 91

5107 Kali Era , paardhiva Year,Ashadha month
1927 Salivahana Era,paardhiva Year,Ashadha month
2063 Vikramarka Era,paardhiva Year, Ashadha month
2005 AD, August

Venkatasivudu Rayasam (1870-1954)

Venkatasivudu Rayasam was born on July 23, 1870. His native place was Relangi village in West Godavari district. His father was Subbarayudu and grandfather was Ramanna. He was married to Ratnamma. After graduating with BA in 1893 from Rajamahendravaram, he began his career as a teacher in Guntur and Parlakimidi schools. After finishing his MA, he took over as the principal of king Venkatagiris college in Nellore. He retired from teaching in 1920.

Venkatasivudu had keen interest in writing from his childhood. He used to write his diary. He founded and ran several publications such as stri janoddharana, satyasamvardhini, janana. His writings include imglishu vaari samsaara paddhtulu, citrakathamamjari, kamalakshi, rejeswari, hindoo sundareemanula caritra, vyasavali, veeresalimga samsmruti and sokrateesu caritra, and atmacaritra -his own biography.

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