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Mana Sanskriti (Our Culture)

Chief Editor: Dr. Sreenivasarao Vepachedu

Issue 122
5109 Kali Era , Sarvajit Year,Phalguna month
1929 Salivahana Era,
Sarvajit Year,Phalguna month
2065 Vikramarka Era,
Sarvajit Year, Phalguna month
2008 AD, March/April

Lakshminarasimhasharma Munnangi (1884-1937)

Lakshminarasimhasharma was born in Timmanayanipeta in Karnool district in the then Madras province of British India. His father was Venkatakrishnamacharyulu, a famous Srivaishnava. His mother was Tirumalamba. He had two siblings, a sister and a brother. Venkatakrishnamacharyulu used to work for revenue department. However, he lost his mind and left the family in the hands of young Lakshminarasimhasharma. With a lot of difficulty, Sharma was able to finish his matriculation by commuting everyday from Timmanayanipeta to Tadipatri. He had to stop his education due to terrible poverty and was forced to take up a clerk position in Karnool to take care of his mother, sister and brother.

To supplement his income he moonlighted by taking up acting. He used to play female roles. He was five feet tall and well suited for female roles. Despite his responsibilities and poverty, he continued his interest in Telugu literature. After marrying off his sister, he moved to Chennapatnam (Chennai or Madras) and became a disciple of Venkatrayasastrulu Vedam and soon became the best among the students. After finishing his education, he went to Eluru with the help of his friends, and started a journal called Yugandhara. He started a press and published two more journals, Gandeevamu and Devadattamu. His journals used to criticize the British government and were instrumental in awakening Andhra people against the British Empire. He used to criticize the terrible injustice committed by members of a party called Justice Party that was pro British and anti to the Congress Party that was fighting against colonialism. Many of his friends were in pro British Justice party. However, Sharma did not hesitate to criticize their bad acts and colonialism.

Influenced by Veeresalingam Kandukuri, he married a widow. However, a dispute over adoption of his niece, not only ended the marriage, but also resulted in the sale of his press. This ended his journalism and journals. Soon after, he contracted TB and died in 1937.

His writings include several essays, novels and satakas. He also translated Mahabharatam from Sanskrit.

"naa vaangmaya mitrulu" by Kameswararao Tekumalla

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