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Issue 68

5105 Kali Era , Swabhanu Year, Bhadrapada  month
1925 Salivahana Era , Swabhanu Year, 
Bhadrapada  month
2061 Vikramarka Era, Swabhanu year, 
Bhadrapada  month
 2003 AD, September

Anjaneyulu Kodali (1897-1982)

Anjaneyulu Kodali was born in 1897 in Kodali village in Krishna district in a Brahmin family.  His father was Chalamayya.

He was a clas mate of Kavisamrat (emperor of poets) Satyanarayana Viswanadha at Bandar high school.  They performed astavadhanamu (performing or attending to eight different literary matters simultaneously), a popular Telugu literary art, under the name “Satyanjaneya kavulu (Satya and Anjaneya poets).”

Anjaneyulu served as a clerk in the sub-magistrate court for a while.  However, he jumped into the national movement and went to jail, in response to Mohandas Gandhi’s call.  He burned the foreign clothes and wore home made clothes.

His literary works include avatara parivartanamu (a drama), radha, debbatinna ledi, jailulo chandamama, pendlikooturu etc.  He translated History of Congress by Pattabhi into Telugu. He also translated many of Gandhi’s works.  He also edited a book entitle “Andhralo Gandhiji.”

In 1920, he started sahiti a monthly journal and ran it for about six years as editor of the journal.  He was jailed for six years for participating in “Quit India’ movement. He died on June 18, 1982.

Source: "Noorguru Telugu Pramukhulu,"  Narasimharao, M.L.
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