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Issue 90

5107 Kali Era , paardhiva Year, jyesta month
1927 Salivahana Era,
paardhiva Year, jyesta month
2063 Vikramarka Era,paardhiva
Year, jyesta month
2005 AD, July

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Bhavanarayana Jayanti (1867-1917)

Bhavanarayana Jayanti was born in Modekurru village in Amalapuram taluq in East Godavari district in 1867, in a poor and very pious Vaidika Brahman family. His parents were Ramayya and Venkamma. His mother Venkamma was the daughter of Akella family.

Bhavanarayana acquired Brahmin traditional education in his own village and went to Amalapuram City to gain English education at his uncle's place. Bhavanarayana learned drama and music from his uncle who was a great pundit in drama and music. Unfortunately, his father and uncle both died when he was very young. Later, he left for Kakinada to eke out a living.

In 1881, he started a school to teach English to children. Bhavanarayana joined hands with Narasimhacharyulu Koganti who was running another school in the same township and merged both schools. They both worked hard and developed the school. Bhavanarayana married Seshamma, the daughter of Kamayya Challa, in 1887. He wrote dramas and acted in drama. However, he quit drama in 1890 and got into trouble with the Drama Company and had to go to court. In 1895, he graduated in education and joined Jagannadhapuram Lower Secondary School as a teacher. He worked three shifts: in the morning at his own school, in the afternoon at municipal school and in the night at a charitable school. At the same time he also wrote several books. Later, he worked for the King of Pithapuram in his college as a pundit.

His works include: bheemalimga satakamu, gayakagayanee manoramjani, sumitra charitra - poem based on Shakespear's Winter's Tale, sri raghudevaraajeeyamu - based on Shakespeare's Pericles, abhinaya geetamulu, lakshmisanaischara vilaasamu, rajabhakti geetamulu, soundarya sateemani - a drama based on Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well, kumudvatee parinayamu - which was selected as the text book for BA in 1905, raajaputradvaya vilasamu, and loakoakti prakasika.

Source: naa vaangmaya mitrulu, Kameswararao Tekumalla

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2063 OñO
2005 OO, Yv

YAi smg (1867-1917)

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