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Issue 77

5106 Kali Era , taarana Year, Jyeshta month
1926 Salivahana Era
taarana Year, Jyeshta month
2062 Vikramarka Era, 
taarana Year, Jyeshta month
 2004 AD, June

Ramayya Jayanti (1860-1941)

Ramayya Jayanti was born in 1860 in Mukteswaram vilage in East Godavari district in Andhra in a poor Brahmin family.  His father educated him despite his poverty.  Ramayya graduated in BABL in 1886.  He retired from government service in 1917 as a Deputy Collector. 

His interest in literary Telugu led him to support the Telugu literary movement that began around 1910. He then became the leader of the movement.  He wrote "Defense of Literary Telugu" in English.  He also wrote several essays in Telugu on the subject.  In 1911, aandhrasaahitya parishattu (Andhra Literary Society) was formed under his leadership.   aandhrasaahitay parishattu has been doing tremendous service to the Telugu literature since then.

Ramayya was also very much interested in research in historical royal deeds, grants etc. He deciphered about 1200 ancient Andhra grants and deeds, and commented on them.  Under his stewardship several volumes of "Suryarayandhra nighantuvu", a Telugu encyclopedic dictionary, were published.  The encyclopedia was completed later.   He was not reputed as poet. However, he wrote several dramas such as uttararama charitra, aandhrachampu ramayanamu, amarukam etc.  He also translated Bhavabhuti's Sanskrit uttararama charitra.

Source: naa vaajnmaya mitrulu, Kameswararao Tekumalla

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