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Issue 81

5106 Kali Era , taarana Year,  Bhaadrapada month
1926 Salivahana Era
taarana Year, Bhaadrapada month
2062 Vikramarka Era, 
taarana Year, Bhaadrapada month
 2004 AD, October

Narayanadasu Adibhatla (1864-1945)

Narayanadasu Adibhatla was a modern exponent of "harikatha" (the art of telling "the story of God" - Lord Vishnu/Hari) and was popularly known as the harikatha pitaamaha (grandfather).

He was born in Ajjaada village in the Visakha Patnam District in Andhra Pradesh in 1864.  He used to write "Ajjaada" before his family name - Ajjaada Adibhatla. He lived in Vijayanagaram where he served as Principal of Maharaja Music College, Vijayanagaram from 1919 through 1936. He was a great musician and scholar of Telugu, Sanskrit and Persian.

The art of harikatha requires not only the ability to tell poetry, but also talent in music and drama. Narayanadasu was an expert in all these arts. He wrote several harikathas in Telugu as well as in Sanskrit.  His works include mankuminku, kaasi satakamu, ramachandra satakamu, baatasaari, jagajjoati etc.  Brahmajirao Vasantarao wrote Narayanadasu's biography in English.


Source: naa vaangmaya mitrulu, Kameswararao Tekumalla

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