Somasekharasharma Mallampalli (1891-1963)

Somasekharasharma Mallampalli was born into a poor Brahmin family in 1891.  Due to his poverty, he couldn’t continue his education beyond Matriculation.  He started his career as a menial employee in the Kannamera Library, where his interactions with intellectuals like Lakshmanrao Komarraju and Veerabhadrarao Chilakuri resulted in his research interest in the history of literature.

He moved to Rajamahendravaram and worked from 1914 to 1918 for desamaata, a journal published by Lakshminarasimham Chilakamarti.  Later he worked for Andhra vijnana sarvasvam (The knowledge of Andhras), an institution founded by Lakshmanarao Komarraju.  Unfortunately, Lakshmanarao died in 1923 rendering Somasekharasharma jobless.  Later, when Nageswararao Kasinadhuni decided to revive Andhra vijnana sarvasvam, Somasekharasharma joined him.  However, this institution was able to produce only 3 volumes of Andhra Vijnana Sarvasvam.  He worked for Andhrapatrika magazine from 1924 through 1940.

As a result of his interest in history he wrote “Srikrishnadevarayalu,” a research article based on the royal grants and orders.  In 1928, he met Venkataramanayya Nelaturi, a historian who wrote several historical books in English.  One of those books was “Early Muslim Expansions.”  Inspired by this book, Somasekharasharma wrote “A Forgotten History of Andhras.”  He was recruited by  Prof. Ramalingareddi Kattamanchi, Vice Chancellor of Andhra University, to write the history of Reddis in English language.  He taught research in history at Andhra University from 1940 thorough 1946.  He presided over the 1946 meeting of “Navya Kala Parishattu”.  In 1948, he joined Telugu Bhasha Samiti founded by Gopalareddy Bejawada.

Somasekharasharma was also interested in the history of Buddhism in Andhra.  He wrote amaravati stupamu and charitraka vyasaalu in 1950. He published his radio lectures on history as Andhradesa charitra.  He also wrote poetry that includes Andhramaata, prakruti etc.

Sreenivasarao Vepachedu