Indian English

Jerry Knowles, author of "A Cultural History of English Language" and senior lecturer in Linguistics at Lancaster University in Northern England says, "There are new Englishes in Asia and the tiger economies. If economic power passes to the tiger economies, they will be telling us what to do.  In other words telling us how to talk. These new Englishes are not creoles but 'a whole literary language, standard English modified by the local vernaculars, becoming standard languages in their own right." He is empathetic that the new Englishes being spoken and written in India, east Africa, Singapore and Malaysia are bound to leave their mark. Knowles says, "These are not foreign speakers of English, but speakers of different vareities of English." He points out, for example, that although the word "thrice" is no longer used by American English speakers, it is alive and well in New Delhi English.  Each variety of English is quite as valid and as consistent as the American English which at present rules the Web. (Martin Mulligan,;  Financial Times, Jan. 6 1997).

Let us add Tenglish to the list of Englishes of the world!
Long Live Mother English!

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