Growing Everest:

Using global positioning system (GPS) measurements from various locations and conventional surveying methods, researchers have estimated that Everest is rising an average of 1 or 2 inches per year.  Everest is the tallest peak among the Himalayan mountains, pushed up by the collision of the Great Indian Continental plate with that of Asia.  The estimated  height of Everest is 29,028 feet.  This is not accurate because of the limits of traditional methods used and the rocky peak is covered by snow-cap of unknown height which varies with time over the year.  Wally Berg  from Copper Mountain, Colorado, successfully planted a GPS receiver within about 60 ft. of Everest summit, recently.  The new data recorded near the summit would be the most accurate because Berg activated the GPS receiver at a rocky outcrop not covered by snow and further the data are cross checked against GPS readings at nearby lower elevations.
Sreenivasarao Veapchedu, 07/08/98

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