BJP                  Bharatiya Janata Party
BSA                 Business Software Alliance
ckd                   completely knocked down
Congress (I)      Congress (Indira)
DOE                 Department of Energy
ECIL                Electronics Corporation of India Limited
FERA               Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
GATT               General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs
IMF                  International Monetary Fund
IPR                   Intellectual Property Rights
MRTP              Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practices
NASSCOM     National Association of Software and Services Companies
NRI                  Non-Resident Indians
P.V.N. Rao      Pamulaparti VenkataNarasimhaRao
R&D                Research and Development
RBI                  Reserve Bank of India
SET                 Scientists, Engineers and Technicians
skd                  simply knocked down
SPA                Software Publishers Association
STP                 Software Technology Park
TDP                Telugu Desam Party
TIFR               Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
UF                  the United Front
UK                 the United Kingdom
US                  the United States
USSR             the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics
WTO              the World Trade Organization

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