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On February 27, 2002, 58 Hindu women and children were burned to death by Muslim terrorists in a well planned and premeditated attack. Later the police shot and killed more than 100 Hindus to control the riots.  Total death toll is about ~850 innocent humanbeings.  A minimum of 160 Hindus died in the first couple of days and nobody knows how many of the reamaining 690 innocent dead people were Hindus. (The Indian secular press (the predatory 'intelligentsia') claims majority of the dead in Gujarat are Muslims, without giving clear numbers because the numbers don't add up to their claims.  However, it seems at least 50% of the dead are Hindus).

The Godhra train carnage and the subsequent communal violence in Gujarat killed over 850 people of which at least 50% are Hindus.  The army was called to assist the civil administration within 16 hours and by contrast the earlier Congress government faced with the similar situation took five days to call up the army when Congress mafia went on killing Sikhs in 1984.  In Gujarat,  27,000 people were arrested (11,000 for criminal charges and 16,000 as a preventive measure).   As many as 3,400 FIRs recording the involvement of persons in rioting, looting, arson and killing have been lodged.   The police fired 7,233 rounds across the state to prevent mobs from wreaking violence and 139 people got killed in police firing alone.
(Modi's Fate: It was finally Mumbai corporate pressure, along with that of the Telugu Desam politburo, that made Adhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu tilt the balance against Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi.  Naidu received a petition with a large number of signatures on Monday. On Wednesday he changed his stand from an ambiguous criticism of the Chief Minister to a decisive demand that Modi should be removed to restore public confidence and provide fair and just governance. The signature campaign was organised by Alyque Padamsee, an icon in the advertising world who sent the petition, “cry of anguish” from those concerned about the violence, to several executives of major companies in Mumbai for their signatures on the e-mail. Deccan Chronicle; HYDERABAD April 13. The Telugu Desam has strongly opposed the BJP decision to dissolve the Gujarat Assembly and reiterated its demand for a change of leadership in the riot-torn State. DC.  The TDP is afraid that its association with the BJP may alienate the over 20 per cent Muslim vote in Andhra Pradesh. This may be the end of Vajpayee government also.  But withdrawal of support is also not an easy option for Chandrababu Naidu, whose most bitter opponent in his state is the Congress.   TDP has to prove its secular credentials to Mumbai Mafia with its support to Islam!)

LONDON AUG. 23, 2002. The Deputy Prime Minister, Lal Kishen Advani, has apologised for the Gujarat incidents, calling them a "blot'' on the Bharatiya Janata Party Government, "outrageous'' and "indefensible.'' And he was "sorry that this happened.''

In 1992, in Mumbai communal riots initiated by Muslims for instance, 1500 were killed of which at least 600 were Hindus.  For one disputed temple-mosque in disuse destroyed, hundreds of temples were destroyed in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Pakistan sponsored terrorists attacked Raghunath Temple in Jammu very recently. It is a well-known fact that many of Hindu-Muslim riots in India are Muslim-initiated.

The Intelligence Bureau investigating the causes of communal violence in Gujarat has allegedly held responsible the local politicians and religious organisation leaders ... and intelligence sources maintained “it is true that some of them are allegedly involved in the smuggling of arms and contrabands from across the border.” (New Delhi, April 23, Deccan Chronicle).

With India preoccupied internally by Hindu-Muslim clashes in Gujarat (that were orchestrated by Islamic militants and ISI) and the US’ attention diverted to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, General Musharraf has quietly released most of the 2,000 militants he arrested as part of his much-publicised anti-terrorist crackdown. They include leaders of two Pakistani outfits tied to al-Qaida — Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad — the latter group being implicated in the murder of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter. DC

Congress and TDP are among many other parties that want Gujarat government dismissed.  Gujarat issue is an example of how easily vested interests (parties interested in toppling the government)  and Islamic terrorism can TRY topple a democratically elected government by inciting communal violence.

In 1984, Mrs Indira Gandhi had become the victim of her own sick approach to Punjab politics during which she played Sant Bhindranwale against the Akali Dal. The Congress Party needs to be reminded that from the late afternoon of October, 31, 1984 for four whole days, the refrain which emanated from Safdarganj Road was 'khoon ka badla khoon se'.  Every Sikh was targeted in the capital, primarily. But Sikhs in areas nearby and further away like Gurgaon, Kanpur, Bokaro and Indore were not spared either. Even Sikhs travelling by train came under the attention of murderers. The innocent Sikh men were attacked with iron rods, trapped in burning tyres and had their homes and shops set on fire. According to Ms Jaya Jaitly, the Samatawadi leader, "the police went round on motor-cycles,  shouting encouragement to the mobs, while Congress leaders were seen instigating those beholden to them in the vast slum clusters."  Desperate Sikhs tried to hide their identity by cutting off their hair and removing their turbans. For four days the killings went on mercilessly. The official figure compiled by the Justice Ahuja Committee confirmed 2,733  (two thousand seven hundred and thirty three) Sikhs mowed down in the most gruesome way by Congress government.  According to the Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission, a number of Congress workers participated in the 'riots'.  The final figure of Sikhs killed could well pass the three thousand mark.  Rajiv Gandhi said, "when a great tree falls, the earth will shake." Indira Gandhi was shot dead by just one Sikh.  For the crime of one man, Congress hooligans were responsible for the killing of over three thousand Sikhs. Features.Smachar

It is a shame.

        Natwar Singh, the Congress leader, in a sharp criticism of the BJP governemtn foreign policy, said the foreign missions could not be faulted for their comments on Gujarat. Islamic nations were watching the developments in Gujarat and wanted the Centre to state what it would do if 4 million Indians employed in the Gulf countries were asked to pack up and leave as a reaction to Gujarat (communal riots caused by Pakistan and ISI). NEW DELHI MAY 7, The Hindu.

        The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), a blue ribbon US panel examines issues of religious freedom. Evidently, the panel is not empowered to examine religious freedom issues within the United States itself. Muslim Minority groups in the US have accused the administration of perpetuating ethnic and racial stereotypes, including profiling of Muslims in the United States in the aftermath of 9/11.  In its annual report for 2002 released on Monday, the panel said it has observed with great concern the communal rioting between Muslims and Hindus in India since February 2002 that has claimed more than 800 lives, "primarily Muslims." (At least 50% of the dead were Hindus in the communal riots sponsored by Pakistan and ISI.  According to secular Hindus, Dalit Christians, Muslim World, Western Christian secular media and Indian secular Hindu media, because Muslims are over 20% of the population in the Indian Union, the life of 20 Muslims is equal to 80 Hindus. So, the ratio of death should be 80 Hindus to 20 Muslims to be on the level playing field.  Thus, if 50 Hindus and 50 Muslims die, it should be considered as "primarily Muslim" death. If 40 Hindus and 60 Muslims die it is a genocide of Muslims). The Commission urged the US government “to press Indian authorities to exercise their power to halt the atrocities and violence, bring perpetrators (who? Pakistanis and ISI?) to justice, and do more to root out the causes (what causes? Islamic terrorism??) of religious intolerance, especially by resolving the impasse over the Babri mosque (constructed on a temple destroyed by Babar) in Ayodhya destroyed in 1992 by Hindu nationalists (nationalist means fanatic or extremist?) who are vowing to construct a Hindu temple (in temple v. mosque, mosque has to win as always??) on the site."  For three years, five countries — Burma, China, Iran, Iraq and Sudan — have been cited by the administration for violation of religious freedom but no extra sanctions were placed on them beyond earlier U.S. policies, the new report said (nobody cares for the report??). It asked the State Department to designate Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan as the worst violators and to monitor India (terrorist pagans??), Pakistan (friends of US???), Uzbekistan (Sunni Muslims?) and Vietnam (communists?) more closely. (TIMES NEWS NETWORK, TUESDAY, MAY 07, WASHINGTON). Also read HRW Report.

          TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 08,AHMEDABAD: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has termed the train-burning incident at Godhra as deplorable and said that those found guilty should be severely punished. The Board members spoke to reporters here on Monday after visiting victims at Himmatnagar, Sabarkantha and Ahmedabad. ‘‘We don’t want to get into the details of exactly what happened at Godhra but we say that the act was deplorable, condemnable and can’t be condoned,’’ said secretary of the Board Abdul Rahim Quereishi.

DC, In politics, the window of opportunity has very temperamental shutters. Or, if you want to shift the metaphor to a door, opportunity does knock when it wants to, but it does not keep hanging around waiting for you to complete your ablutions. If you do not respond, opportunity simply transfers its attentions to someone with better response systems. Fickle thing, opportunity. At some point during the last fortnight, enough political parties could have got together and served as a magnet to break the ruling National Democratic Alliance and possibly even dislodge the government...Sonia Gandhi has just gifted Atal Behari Vajpayee about a hundred weeks more of power. This is not the first time that she has been so generous.... Sonia Gandhi prevented Jyoti Basu from becoming Prime Minister in 1999 and sank in the general elections that inevitably followed. Those who do not understand the past are condemned to repeat it. M J Akbar, Monday, May 13, 2002

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DC, Mumbai, March 16, 2003: A police team has been sent to Hyderabad in connection with the newly-formed Muslim Defence Force, which is in the suspect list of Mumbai police. The fourth blast in a span of two-and-half month claimed 12 lives and injured 90 persons, police sources said. The Muslim Defence Force came into existence after the communal riots in Gujarat that were started by militant Muslims who torched train full of women and children in which 59 Hindu women and children charred to death and resulted in riots killing approximately 1000 people of which at least 50% were Hindus and according to English secular media most of them were Muslims. The chief of Muslim Defence Force, Abu Hamza, is believed to have fled to Dubai after triggering the Ghatkopar bomb blast in October last year. Panaji, March 16: The involvement of Simi and Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad has been found in recent bomb blasts in Mumbai, Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani said here on Sunday.

The Hindu, JAMMU
MARCH 16, 2003. Muslim militants attacked a police post at Indh village in Udhampur district last night, killing nine policemen and two civilians and abducting four policemen.  GUWAHATI, MARCH 16. Six persons, including a CRPF jawan, were killed and 50 injured in a bomb blast triggered by the banned ULFA targeting a truck carrying security personnel in Assam's Goalpara district today. GODHRA MARCH 16. Tension gripped Godhra town of Panchmahals district this evening as mobs belonging to Muslim and Hindu communities indulged in heavy stone throwing in which at least four persons received injuries, police said. The condition of one of the injured was reported to be serious. JOHANNESBURG MARCH 16. While Pakistani backed Muslim terrorist are causing death and terror in India, Pakistan will push for sanctions against India for refusing to play test matches against it.

The Associated Press, Wednesday, February 19, 2003: Indian authorities charged 131 people under a controversial anti-terrorism law in last year's arson attack on a train that killed 59 Hindus and set off deadly religious rioting. The charges brought criticism from rights activists, who protested that authorities in Gujarat state - which is ruled by a Hindu nationalist party - have not used the law against Hindus involved in anti-Muslim riots after the train attack. At least 1,000 people were killed in the riots (both Hindus and Muslims).

The Hindu, LONDON AUG. 23, 2002. The Deputy Prime Minister, Lal Kishen Advani, has apologised for the Gujarat incidents, calling them a "blot'' on the Bharatiya Janata Party Government, "outrageous'' and "indefensible.'' And he was "sorry that this happened.''

TIMES NEWS NETWORK SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2002, AHMEDABAD: Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has written to Prime Minister Vajpayee, urging him to review the relief and  rehabilitation of riot victims in Gujarat. In a letter on Saturday, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the work done so far and questioned the logic behind closing some of the relief camps. She has also called the compensation grossly inadequate.
While gunmen dressed as Hindu holy men threw grenades and opened fire in a crowded slum in Indian Kashmir today, killing at least 25 Hindus, Indian police officials said.  The assault was the deadliest in Kashmir since May 14, when Islamic militants attacked an army camp, killing 34 people, mostly women and children. The DGP, Mr. Suri, said the Pakistan-based militant outfit, Lashkar-e-Taiba, was responsible for Saturday's attack. (The Hindu, NEW DELHI, July 13)

PTI, JUNE 19, 2002, JALGAON: The toll in communal violence in Jamner mounted to five with two more deaths reported on Wednesday even as the government ordered a magisterial inquiry into the disturbances in the north Maharashtra town, which is under indefinite curfew since Tuesday night. One Gulab Shaikh, who was injured in stone-pelting by the mob on Tuesday, died early on Wednesday while an unidentified matador driver was set afire by miscreants at Pimpalgaon Golai, 5 km from Jamner, police said, adding the situation was tense but under control. Three persons (Hindus?), including a five-month-old girl (Hindu?), were killed and 23 others injured in the violence and subsequent police firing following clashes between two groups over arrest of a person on June 15 for his alleged involvement in desecration of a Hanuman idol.

The Hindu, AHMEDABAD June 9. Two persons were killed and an indefinite curfew was clamped in the Vejalpur police station areas in Ahmedabad following renewed violence today.

The Hindu, AHMEDABAD May 29. Panic gripped Ahmedabad this morning following a series of bomb blasts aboard three buses. Two live bombs were found in two other buses and were defused.  Eleven persons, seven of them women, were injured in the three explosions that went off almost simultaneously on three routes between 10 and 10.15 a.m., the peak traffic hour. Three of the injured, including the driver of one of the buses, are critical. Two bomb disposal squad men were injured when one of the bombs went off while being defused. Muslim leaders claimed that it was not in the interest of the minorities to spread panic when life was fast returning to normal.  The VHP leaders denied that the Hindus were behind the blasts.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 25, 2002, VADODARA: Two people were killed in police firing on Friday night as Godhra witnessed its first communal clash. Pitched battle ensued between Muslims and non-Muslims at Juhupur area of Godhra around 11 pm despite a night curfew.  AFP, JAMMU: Seven people, including five Islamic terrorists and two security personnel were killed in a shootout early on Saturday in Kashmir.

PTI, MAY 22, 2002, Ahmedabad: Gujarat remained incident-free for the eighth consecutive day on Tuesday even as strict vigil was being maintained at sensitive spots.  CHENNAI: National Human Rights Commission chairman Justice J S Verma on Tuesday said there was "no need" for foreign intervention on the alleged human rights violations in strife-torn Gujarat.  Asked about the concerns expressed by the European Union and some other countries on the human rights violations, Verma told reporters here: "We have a well-built internal mechanism for taking corrective actions. We have NHRC, Supreme Court and a vigilant and vibrant democracy to take care of such things. There is no need for any foreign intervention on this". He cautioned the non-governmental volantary bodies against
some "vested interests hijacking their cause."

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 22, 2002, VADODARA: In a significant seizure, the city police recovered four firearms, including a foreign-made automatic pistol, on Monday.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 21, 2002, HMEDABAD: Four sharp-edged weapons, mostly large knives and an iron rod, were recovered and four persons were arrested by the Ahmedabad traffic police during the past 48 hours.  VADODARA: Panic spread in the R V Desai Road area of the city after some unidentified persons stabbed a middle-aged man on Friday night....Trouble erupted in the Machhipith area of the city late on Saturday night after miscreants pelted stones on a police party that was searching for wanted criminals. The police had to fire one round in the air to disperse the mob....  RAJKOT: Halvad town in Surendranagar district witnessed its first incident of communal violence on Saturday, when 17 persons attacked a family as they were sleeping outside their house. The attackers were carrying sticks, knives and axes. LUCKNOW: With the build-up on the Indo-Pak border, the intelligence agencies have geared up to meet fresh challenges. To begin with, they have to tackle a serious threat of suicide attack at the Ram Janamabhoomi-Babri Masjid cordon in Ayodhya...This apart, the sleuths have also launched a round-the-clock drive to spot the nouveau riche members of the Muslim community mushrooming in the districts bordering Nepal to keep a check on  their activities following recent reports that some influential locals in this region were acting as the financiers for the ultras. Senior officials, talking to Times News Network (TNN), admitted that this time the threat of a ‘fidayeen’ attack at the Ram Janamabhoomi-Babri Masjid complex was more potent than ever before.  the intelligence staff is learnt to have launched a drive locating ‘shadowy’ members of Muslim (Islamic militant) community, particularly those residing in the districts bordering Nepal.

The Hindu, Islamabad May 20. As tension on the Indo-Pak. border mounted, Pakistan has deployed the Shaheen missiles to deal with any eventuality, media reports said here today. The Nation said the missiles, with a range of 750 km, had been deployed in view of a possible attack by India.
TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 20, 2002, LONDON: Sections of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s parliamentary Labour Party are lobbying for the British High Commission report on Gujarat to be officially published.

Washington Post, NEW DELHI, May 19 -- India today placed paramilitary troops guarding the border with Pakistan under the direct operational command of the army and put the coast guard under command of the navy, steps that officials said usually precede military action...Islamic guerrillas fired at an Indian army- paramilitary camp today about 95 miles north of Jammu, killing four soldiers and wounding 12.

The Hindu,  JAMMU, MAY 19. Four Army personnel were killed and seven injured in a suicide attack by militants on an Army camp in the Udhampur region of Jammu today

Deccan Chronicle, Srinagar, May 18, Lashkar-e-Toiba has threatened to embark on more suicide attacks but with intensified magnitude against the Indian security forces and vital installations in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Hindu, KALUCHAK (JAMMU) MAY 14. In a gruesome attack, three members of a suicide squad of (Muslim) terrorists killed 30 persons (Hindus), including seven bus passengers and 23 others in the family quarters of the Army, near Jammu today. Thirtyfour persons were injured in the attack, and some of them are in a critical condition.  With the terrorist killings in Jammu in the backdrop, India today said it would continue to position its forces along the Indo-Pakistani border until Islamabad restrained cross-border terrorism. Ms. Rocca said the U.S. roundly condemned this "(Islamic) terrorist attack". "It is just this type of barbarism that the war on terrorism is determined to stop.''

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 13, 2002, AHMEDABAD: Four persons were injured in sporadic incidents of stone-throwing and bomb blasts in some riot-torn localities of the city.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 12, AHMEDABAD: One person was stabbed to death and another injured in police firing as stray incidents of violence continued in the Maninagar, Gaikwad Haveli and Dani Limda areas of Ahmedabad.

The Hindu, LUCKNOW May 12. Twelve persons (most of them Hindus, e.g.,  Mrityunjay Srivastava of Ashok Nagar Colony, Varanasi Shriram of Buxar, Bihar) were killed and over 70 injured, when 13 coaches of the Patna-bound New Delhi-Patna Shramjeevi Express train derailed near the Khetasarai station in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh early this morning. The train had 24 coaches in all. The Railway Board chairman, I.I.M.S. Rana, who inspected the site, said there were several indicators which firmly pointed to sabotage.  First, he said, the fishplates were removed from the tracks but the bolts that tighten the plates were not damaged. Secondly, one of the tracks was found lying two metres away from the railway line, Mr. Rana said. New Delhi May 12. Aftab Ansari, the alleged mastermind of the Kolkata American Center attack, has revealed he was closely associated with Saeed Omar Sheikh, prime accused in the U.S. journalist, Daniel Pearl kidnap-cum-murder case, and that the latter had provided him ``all kinds of support'' for his activities.  Disclosing the nexus between Pakistan-based terrorists and the Indian underworld, Ansari also told his interrogators that the January 22 attack was undertaken because the Lashker-e-Taiba wanted to take revenge against the U.S. and he wanted to avenge the killing of his associate, Asif Raza Khan, by police.

The Hindu, PATNA MAY 11. The Congress MP, Rajo Singh, today surrendered before the Additional Judicial Magistrate, Sheikhpura, B.K. Dikshit, who remanded him to 14 days judicial custody in connection with the murder of nine persons.

The Hindu, AHMEDABAD MAY 11. At least two persons were killed and 30 injured in police firing, bomb blasts and stone-throwing in Ahmedabad even as the city witnessed a marked decline in the intensity of violence with the new police team taking over the reins of law and order.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 11, NEW DELHI: Union home minister L K Advani on Friday told the Parliamentary Consultative Committee on Internal Security that there were ‘‘reliable reports, including intercepts, pointing to underworld elements seeking assistance from Pakistan to carry out retaliatory actions in Gujarat and even parts of Maharashtra. Help from across the border is being sought for supply of arms, ammunition and explosives for undertaking such acts of violence. Pakistan-based leaders of Lashkar-e-Taiba and members of Dawood Ibrahim’s and late Abdul Latif’s gangs and underworld dons here are involved in this conspiracy."

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 11, HYDERABAD: A prominent leader of the Usooli sect of the Shia community was stabbed to death by some unidentified persons near Baara Imam Pahadi under Rajendra Nagar police station limits on Friday night. Police suspect the murder was the result of rivalry between the
Akhbaari and Usooli sects of the Shia community. “This may be retaliation for the murder of an Akhbaari sect leader, Moulana Taqiuddin Hyder, five years ago,” said a police official.

PTI, MAY 10, NEW DELHI: The five Lashker-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists, two of whom were killed in an encounter here on Thursday night, had plans to target VVIPs and industrial interests in the capital and were operating under a changed name of Tehreek-e-bin Zaid, police said on Friday. The terrorists, from whose possession fake I-cards of some unknown organisation - Human Rights Commission - were recovered, also planned to rope in Muslim youth of Gujarat into militancy, as they apparently visualised the state as a "fertile ground" for recruitment into terrorist organisations in view of the recent communal violence, Special Commissioner of Police (Intelligence) K K Paul told reporters.  JAMMU: Ten people, including seven Pakistani terrorists were killed and a civilian injured in separate incidents across Jammu division where security forces have also busted a militant hideout and recovered a huge quantity of arms and explosives since Thursday, official sources said here on Friday.  SRINAGAR: Three militants including a Hizbul Mujahideen man were killed in an encounter with the Border Security Force (BSF) at Goigam on the Srinagar-Gulmarg road early on Friday.

PTI, FRIDAY, MAY 10, LUCKNOW: An alleged ISI agent was arrested on Friday in Kanpur while trying to send some classified defence documents through a courier to Karachi, Special Task Force (STF) officials here said. Mohammad Imran, alias Munna Pakistani, was arrested in a joint operation by state police military intelligence and STF sleuths, they told reporters.

The Hindu, AHMEDABAD, MAY 10. Eight persons were killed — one of them was burnt alive — and 35 injured as violence erupted once again in Ahmedabad today.

AFP, MAY 09,SLAMABAD: Pakistani intelligence agencies believe Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network is preparing to unleash a wave of suicide attacks around the world, a report said Thursday.

PTI , MAY 09, AHMEDABAD: One person was stabbed to death on Thursday and two others injured earlier this week succumbed.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 08, AHMEDABAD: It was a night of never-ending violence in Maninagar and its adjoining areas with bursts of fire from semi-automatic guns and even home-made bazookas being heard miles away in this riot-torn city.  At the end of the pitched battles between the mobs, and later with the police, the count was put at six dead and 55 injured. This was a bloody end to a horrific Tuesday, which left nearly 20
dead in Gujarat, all except one in Ahmedabad.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 08, AHMEDABAD: The vast expanse of land between Hindu-dominated Vejalpur and the wholly Muslim Juhapura is one
of the most communally sensitive spots in the city.  The barren land has come to be known as part of the ‘border’ in today’s parlance with the city geographically divided on communal lines. ‘We broke the sewage water pipe because of strong rumours,’’ says a resident of Shri Ram Nagar. ‘‘Every night, there was talk of people attacking through the empty land. We thought that making it slushy would stop any such attack. It, however, did manage to attract a large number of birds.’’ The released water turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It was almost immediately flooded with the elegant birds feeding on insects in the shallow waters for the last few days.

AHMEDABAD May 7. At least 10 persons were killed and scores injured in stabbing, police firing and stoning in Ahmedabad today while most other parts of the State remained incident-free. Kalupur, Vejalpur, Juhapura and Sarkhej areas in the city were placed under curfew today. Dani Limda, Behrampura and Shahpur have been under curfew since Sunday evening. The Hindu

WASHINGTON MAY 7: "We remain very concerned about it and we continue to urge the U.S. Government to actually work with the Indian Government to take steps to stop the violence,'' the Commission Chairman,  Michael Young, said at a news conference at the National Press Club here on Monday.

Express News Service: Ahmedabad, May 6: Shabbir Lalmiya Sheikh, 26, a Kalupur auto mechanic, for Rs 1,000, he made at least 300 crude bombs in the last 15 days. Shabbir later succumbed to injuries sustained while making a crude bomb which exploded in his face.  Mohammed Hanif Ahmed Hussain Sheikh, 26, of Charwad in Daripur does odd repair jobs. He was out of work for the last month until some one asked him to make ‘pipe bombs’ on a contract of Rs 2,000. These are just two examples of the deadly industry thrown up by Ahmedabad’s walled city. Hundreds of unemployed youth, garage mechanics, and electricians, have begun making and selling crude bombs and missiles, launchers and Molotov cocktails known locally as kakdas.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 06, NEW DELHI: Home Minister L K Advani has said that Islamic terrorists were trying to fan the riots in Gujarat. He said the government had intercepted messages to militant groups from across the border (Pakistan), asking them to foment violence in the state. State health minister Ashok Bhatt on Sunday alleged that the Congress party was instigating violence as it did not want peace established in Gujarat. In a statement, the senior BJP leader charged that Congressmen (see above) were behind the riots that rocked parts of Behrampura and Shahpur after four peaceful days.  He said it was unfortunate that some Congress lawyers were trying to bail out Haji Bilal, the main accused in Godhra train massacre. According to him, they have moved Supreme Court in this connection. While general secretary of CPI-ML Dipankar Bhattacharya held the "Sangh Parivar responsible for the Gujarat pogrom".  Speaking at a seminar on the 'Challenges of Gujarat: Secularism and national unity' at the town hall here on Sunday, he maintained that "the saffron goon gang must go if the country is to be saved."  In 1992, there were separate parties in power in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. The Congress government had sacked the democratically elected BJP government in UP then. "The Vajpayee government is shameless," he saidThe Communist leader called for a foreign policy based on friendship with Pakistan (while Pakistan is involved in riots and massacres in Kashmir and Gujarat).

PTI, MAY 06, AHMEDABAD: At least 15 people were injured when some miscreants (Pakistan supported??) threw a crude bomb at a state transport bus at Lunavada in Panchmahal district of Gujarat on Monday, police said.
  -A crude bomb was thrown at a mosque by  unidentified miscreants (Pakistan supported or Modi supported Hindus??) in curfew-bound Mirzapur locality of the city this afternoon, police said.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, NEW DELHI, MAY 06: Sunday night, the body of a person with stab wounds  was dumped outside the RSS headquarters by miscreants who came in a Maruti car around midnight, police said.
 -Two factory workers, who were proceeding to their workplace on cycles, were lynched in Ahmedabad on Monday morning.
 -After over two months of violence in Gujarat in which scores of women have testified to being raped and subject to sexual abuse, only two FIRs on charges of rape have been filed in the entire state. And that too, not in Ahmedabad.  (Indicating that the so called secular mass media was irresponsible in publishing the untrue stories).

PTI, MONDAY, MAY 06, AHMEDABAD: With one more person succumbing to injuries, the death toll in Sunday's violence here has gone up to eight even as indefinite curfew continued in Danilimda and Shahpur police station areas, police said on Monday.

Hyderabad, May 5: Cases of forfeiture of properties by criminals is on the rise in the State. They include drug  peddlers, smugglers, terrorists and even relatives abetting  them.  These startling revelations were made by chairman of the Appellate Tribunal for the Forfeited Property Justice J.  Eswara Prasad.  Deccan Chronicle

AHMEDABAD MAY 5. At least four persons were killed and 20 others injured as violence once again broke out in Ahmedabad and Vadodara today, shattering the fragile peace in riot-torn Gujarat. ( According to UNI, six persons were killed, two of them burnt alive in the renewed violence.)  The Hindu.

AHMEDABAD, May 5: Two people (Hindus ??) were killed and more than 30 injured on Sunday in fresh Hindu-Muslim violence in India's riot-hit western state of Gujarat, after a nearly week-long calm, police said. On Sunday, the violence in Ahmedabad began after a group of Muslims returned to their homes from a refugee camp. Dawn.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK MAY 05, VADODARA: A person allegedly injured in police firing at Devhat village, under Rangpur police station, on Friday died at the Chhota Udepur Civil Hospital on Saturday. The village, meanwhile, witnessed more trouble late on Friday night. Police had a tough time in controlling the rioters, most of whom are residents of nearby tribal villages.  SURAT: A woman and a ten-year-old girl were killed in a fire at Limbaayat on Thursday. Thedeceased have been identified as Sangeeta Patil and her relative Kavita.

Bahraich (UP) MAY 05: More than two dozen houses were set ablaze in Semari village of the district on Saturday. A rampaging mob of people belonging to the Dalits (Christians??) set on fire several houses belonging to Muslims. Deccan Chronicle.

Kolkata, May 4, DC: The Left Front government and the ruling CPI(M) have reacted sharply to US embassy minister-counsellor James Callaghan’s visit to the oldest madarasa in the countryCallaghan, American Centre director Rex Moser and another employee of the American Centre spent half-an-hour in an informal meeting with the officer in charge, Mohammed Moniruzaman, and other teachers of the madarasa. "After the September 11 attacks there has been an Anglo-American (Christian??) conspiracy to target one (Muslim) community,” Minorities development and welfare minister Mohammed Salim said.

Hyderabad, May 4:Ayesha Jabeen, Asma Zehra, Waheeda Sultana and Nuzhat — left for Ahmedabad on April 5 with 200 kg of medicines. Two other doctors — Shaheen and Shadan — joined them later.  These doctors spent about 10 days in Ahmedabad. Though their base was the Daryakhan Gummat camp where about 6,000 displaced persons have taken refuge, the team also provided help at six other camps. "The diagnosing of the injured was not according to the severity of the injury but according to the religion of the victim,"  according to Asma Zehra of Hyderabad-based Muslim Lady Doctors Association. Deccan Chronicle

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 02: AHMEDABAD: Tension mounted in Bharuch district on Thursday after Muslim terrorists riding a motorcycle shot and killed Ganesh Agarwal, a BJP worker in Ankleshwar town.  In Varvala village of Dwarka taluka, Muslim terrorits damaged the sanctum sanctorum of a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva and desecrated another local deity erected on a podium on the Okha-Dwarka highway.  In Ahmedabad, Nilesh Patel, a Hindu student, headed for his examination centre at Nav Gujarat College was stabbed by Muslim miscreants on Thursday morning. This was the third instance of a Hindu student being stabbed while headed for university exams.  Union law minister Arun Jaitley told that 23,218 preventive arrests made in Gujarat of which 19,500 were Hindus.   Nearly 50,000 people, mostly Muslims and Dalit Christians, gathered in Ramlila ground (New Delhi) on Thursday, under the aegis of the ‘Save India Front’ to protest.

Lucknow, May 2, DC: Maulana Mufti Abul Irfan of Firangi Mahal, on Thursday, issued a fatwa for “complete social boycott” of Muslims MLAs in the ruling coalition and asked members of the Muslim community not to offer prayers in mosques with these “traitors” and to stay away from social and religious functions where these legislators are present.  The All India Muslim Forum, on the other hand, has also sought excommunication of Muslim legislators in the ruling coalition and has requested the Ulemas to ban the entry of such “traitors” in mosques. Well-known Shia cleric, Maulana Kalbe Jawwad, said at a press conference, “Muslim MLAs who support a government that has the BJP in it, will have blood of their fellowmen on their hands..."

TIMES NEWS NETWORK, MAY 01, AHMEDABAD: A blast in a temple shook Khamasa area of the walled city early Wednesday morning. An innocuous- looking plastic ball rolled into the premises of the Keval Gyan Mandir, situated opposite the headquarter of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in Khamasa and exploded at around 7 am shattering glass panes and damaging parts of the temple. People residing in neighbouring localities ran for cover as smoke billowed out of place of worship.

Dhaka, April 30: A Hindu priest was killed in Manikchhari upazila of Bangladesh’s southeastern Khagracchari hill district on Sunday and the police have arrested Sarwar Hossain, a ruling Bangladesh National Party worker in connection with the murder. Police said a band of armed Muslim terrorists entered the Hindu temple “Radhagopal Devasram” at dead of night, dragged the priest Madan Gopal Goswami out and tied him to a tree before stabbing him to death. Local people rushed the wounded priest to hospital where doctors declared him dead. Several sebaks (workers) of the temple who obstructed the terrorists were also wounded in the attack. After killing the priest the terrorists looted a gold statue and money from the temple.

PTI, APRIL 30 AHMEDABAD: Three persons were killed and three others injured in police firing in curfew-bound areas in the city and in Baroda as violence escalated in the two major cities of Gujarat late on Monday night, police said on Tuesday.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK  APRIL 30, 2002  WASHINGTON: "What happened in Gujarat was not a spontaneous uprising, it was a carefully orchestrated attack.... The attacks were planned in advance and organised..." Smita Narula, senior South Asia researcher for Human Rights Watch who authored the report after visiting the state said.  In a searing 75-page report released on Tuesday, Human Rights Watch also named the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Bajrang Dal, the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh and the Bharatiya Janata Party, collectively known as the Sangh Parivar, as the "groups most directly involved in the violence against Muslims." (But forgot to mention the number of Hindus murdered and Islamic Militants Involved)

MUMBAI APRIL 29. The Sessions Court today sentenced Abdul Rauf Daud Merchant alias Rauf Raja, an alleged hitman of the Abu Salem gang, to a life term with 10 years' rigorous imprisonment and rejected the prosecution plea for death row to the accused following his conviction last week for gunning down the music baron, Gulshan Kumar, here on August 12, 1997.   The Additional Sessions Judge, M.L. Tahiliyani, who acquitted 18 other accused in the case in a stunning blow to the Mumbai police, awarded life sentence to the gunman on two counts of killing the audio cassette king and attempting to murder the victim's driver, Roop Lal.

AHMEDABAD, MONDAY, APRIL 29 [TIMES NEWS NETWORK]: Two persons were killed and five injured early on Monday when the crude bombs they were carrying exploded near the Kalupur police station here even as stray incidents of violence were reported from other parts of the city and Vadodara.The crude bombs exploded when seven Muslims, alleged to be linked with the former Abdul Latif gang, were about to hurl them on Mansuri Mohalla, right next to Relief Road, where defence minister George Fernandes took out a peace march on Sunday. The police are yet to ascertain if the victims were making crude bombs on the terrace of the house when the explosion rocked the area. All the victims were Muslims and were making bombs or carrying them somewhere to launch an attack.

PTI, MONDAY, APRIL 29, A HMEDABAD: Two persons were killed, including one in police firing, and 15 others injured in the violence in Kalupur Walled City areas on late Sunday night, taking the toll in Sunday's violence in Gujarat to seven.

AHMEDABAD APRIL 28. Even as the Defence Minister, George Fernandes, led a peace rally in the walled city areas, five persons were killed in Ahmedabad and Vadodara and about a dozen injured in police firing and stabbing today. The Hindu

AHMEDABAD, April 28: The chief minister of India's Gujarat, who has been accused of turning a blind eye to the country's deadliest religious bloodshed in a decade, appealed on Sunday for trust between the Hindus and Muslims. Soon after Modi's call for peace, one person was stabbed to death as mobs clashed on the streets of Ahmedabad and set fire to houses in different parts of the city. Four people were injured when police opened fire to control the rampaging mobs, officials said. Dawn

AHMEDABAD, April 26: Authorities clamped new curfews on Friday on parts of Ahmedabad after fresh communal violence on Thursday night left one Hndu dead and 11 injured.... They (Hindus) provoke us (Muslims) by yelling insults and bursting crackers during the night," said Iqbal Kansara, a resident of Juhapura, the single largest Muslim area in Gujarat with nearly 250,000 Muslims, where a curfew was imposed. "Youngsters who can't stand the insults come out to retaliate...." Sonia Gandhi (Italian Chriastian), leader of the Congress party, fired a new volley at the government on Friday, accusing it of threatening the country's secular foundations.  Dawn

Ahmedabad, April 25, PTI:  Six persons belonging to Muslim community were injured on Wednesday when police opened fire to disperse clashing groups in curfew bound Vejalpur area of the city as death toll in the renewed violence here increased to 41 with two injured succumbing to injuries and recovery of three more bodies.  Seven people were injured, including one in police firing, in continuing incidents of violence in the curfew-bound Saherkotda and Gomtipur areas of the city
late Wednesday night.

THANE, APRIL 24, PTI: Lalit Jain, the president of the local unit of Bajrang Dal, was shot dead on Wednesday by three unidentified persons in Bhiwandi in Thane district of Maharashtra.  The incident comes close on the heels of violence in Kalyan. On April 9, a mob attacked the house of former Shiv Sena corporator Usha Walunj and stabbed her brother-in-law, Ashok Walunj, to death.

AHMEDABADA, APRIL 23: A Hindu tea stall vendor was stabbed early in Tuesday morning in the Teen Darwaza area of the Karanj police station which led to escalation of violence in the walled city area. The police opened fire in the Shahpur area to disperse mobs. Complete lawlessness prevailed in parts of the city as an armed mob of nearly 5,000 circled the area around the police commissioner's office on Tuesday evening and started indulging in arson. TIMES NEWS NETWORK.

APRIL 23 NEW DELHI, India (AP): Police said a Muslim was burned alive and a Hindu was shot by officers trying to stop rioters from burning a slum Tuesday in Ahmadabad, Gujarat's commercial capital.   Reuters: Hindu mobs burned down homes of Muslims and a shrine in the Shahibagh area of Ahmedabad after a dozen shops belonging to Hinduswere set on fire by a group of Muslims, police said.

APRIL 23 MIDNAPORE/KOLKATA: More than half a dozen people were injured in a clash between Muslims and Hindus near Kharagpur town on Sunday night. A man with bullet injuries and two women were admitted to hospital. Five houses were ransacked, according to Kharagpur Additional Police Superintendent Anil Srinibas.  According to officials of West Midnapore district police, the violence started at 10 pm when five Muslims started firing atmembers of Bajrang ClubKrishna Mallick (30).  TIMES. and Success Unity Club at Sajowal, hitting

AHMEDABAD APRIL 22. Those killed Sunday included 10 Muslims in Ahmadabad, when police fired into a swelling crowd on the Hindu festival of Ramnavami, the birthday of the religion's supreme deity, Rama. ``It was a mob of 500.  They (the Muslims) came with petrol bombs and acid bulbs,'' said Ram Bhavsar, a rickshaw puller whose hut on the banks of the Sabarmati river was destroyed. ``They threw petrol bombs on our huts. We had nothing to defend ourselves with.'' NYTimes.

AHMEDABAD APRIL 22. Violence continued here on Monday, claiming thelives of eight more Hindus. The toll in the last 24 hours has risen to 22. (The Hindu).  The toll in the violence, that had kept the city burning throughout Sunday, has touched 29 in two days. (Times)

AHMEDABAD April 21. Thirteen People, mostly Hindus, were killed and 30 others injured in police firing and stabbing as violence engulfed riot-torn Gujarat today.  A policeman was among the 12 killed in Ahmedabad on Sunday, that marked Ram Navami, a Hindu festival celebrating birth or Sri Ram, as violence spread in the sensitive areas of the city, besides neighbouring Kheda, Vadodara and Mehsana districts. DC
LONDONApril 20: Britain-based
Gujarati Muslims are working alongside the British government to bring three cases in three separate courts across Europe against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.  The cases, which are to be filed separately in the British High Court, the Belgian courts and, possibly, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, are expected to compliment two other proposed cases against Modi and his administration in India and the US. (Rashmee Z Ahmed, Times News Network).
AHMADABAD, April 20:
One Hindu was killed and 14 injured when police opened fire to stop a new outbreak of rioting on Saturday between Hindus and Muslims in western India. The riot in the town of Kapadvanj was the latest in a long string of incidents of sectarian violence in western Gujarat state. In Kapadvanj, 40 kilometres north of Ahmadabad, police fired into a crowd of rioters on Saturday after more than 20 shops and houses belonging to both Hindus and Muslims
Hyderabad, April 19:
were looted and set on fire. Dawn BJP Floor leader N Indrasena Reddy’s co-brother-in-law P Narsimha Reddy was stabbed to death on Friday at Sapota Bagh under Saidabad police station limits. DC

NEW DELHI, April 19: The imam of India's biggest mosque, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, in a fiery speech after Friday prayers at New Delhi's Jama Masjid, said Muslims would have to "think out ways for our self-protection" in the wake of India's worst bloodletting in a decade (initiated by Muslims). "What has happened in Gujarat over the last 51 days is nothing but genocide...stop it now," said Bukhari. "There will be a civil war in this country. We will also show our strength. India will be broken into pieces."  (Dawn).  While Gujarat remained peaceful after the recent deaths of Hindus on 14th and 12th.

AHMEDABAD, April 14, 2002: One Hindu was killed and nine injured as fresh riots broke out in the sensitive Dariapur area of the walled city on Sunday and indefinite curfew was clamped in the afternoon. Police opened fire as mobs came out of the lanes and by lanes and fired at each other and hurled crude bombs. The Hindu.
AHMEDABAD, April 12, 2002: The city witnessed slight tension on Friday with the discovery of the body of sales tax employee Devanand Ambalal Solanki (40) in Gomtipur area. The Hindu.
SABARMATI APRIL 7. The Sabarmati Gandhi ashram here witnessed violent scenes today when a meeting of the Sarvodaya leaders and others, held for the restoration of peace in Gujarat, was attacked by a  mob,
allegedly owing allegiance to the Sangh Parivar... Ms. Patkar was manhandled by the irate mob and had to be escorted by police to Baroda on her way to Mumbai.... Among the mob were some Congress workers, known for their anti-Patkar stance- Manas Dasgupta, the Hindu Correspondent; The protesters, including BJP youth wing president Amit Thakkar and Congress corporator Rambai Patel, barged into the ashram in the heart of the city, where a peace meeting was scheduled, at around 2 pm shouting slogans decrying Patkar for her opposition to Sardar Sarovar dam-Deccan Chronicle; The Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, today criticised the ``unprovoked and diabolical attack'' on mediapersons in Gujarat and said it ``exposed the autocratic nature'' of the State Government.  ``It is an act of desperation of a morally-bankrupt regime that is totally alienated from the people,'' she said in a statement- the Hindu Special Correspondent. The Gujarat government on Sunday night transferred two IPS officers, including an additional police commissioner, suspended a police inspector and ordered a judicial probe into the attack on journalists at Sabarmati Ashram here. PTI.

Ahmedabad, April 6: Four persons (Hindu or Muslims???) were killed, three in police firing, in the violence that erupted late on Friday night in Vatva, Sabarmati and Karanj police station areas even as stabbing and arson continued in different parts of the city prompting the authorities to clamp indefinite curfew in Vatva and Sabarmati police station area.  DC

AHMEDABAD APRIL 3: Five members of the family (Hindu or Muslim?????), about 70 km from Ahmedabad, were burnt alive by mobs from a neighbouring village on Wednesday, the 34th consecutive day of violence. Ironically, the entire village had participated in the wedding of a girl of this family just six weeks ago. Deccan Chronicle.

AHMEDABAD APRIL 2. Police have detected "ISI hand'' behind the disturbances in Anjar as the earthquake-ravaged  border district of Kutch was hit by violence for the first time today since  the disturbances began in other parts of Gujarat in the aftermath of the Godhra train carnage on February 27.  Elsewhere in the State, at least two persons (Hindus or Muslims??) were killed and four injured  in police firing in Umreth town in Kaira district in central Gujarat, while four persons (Hindus or Muslims??) were stabbed. By Manas Dasgupta, Hindu.

JAMMU, MARCH 31. The toll in the terrorist (Hindus or Muslims?) attack on the Raghunath Temple yesterday has gone up to eight (Hindus or Muslims??) with one more person succumbing to his injuries at the Government Medical College (GMC)  Jammu today.   Seven persons (Hindus or Muslims?including three security personnel and four civilians were killed on the spot and the two terrorists (Hindus or Muslims?) were also killed.

AHMEDABAD, MARCH 31 . At least six persons (Hindusor Muslims??) were killed, including three in Ahmedabad, in stabbing and police firing, and more than 20  injured as violence re-erupted in some parts of riot-torn Gujarat after a few days of relative calm. By Manas Dasgupta, the Hindu.

AHMEDABAD, March 24, 2002: A Hindu woman was stripped and fatally stabbed by a mob on Sunday in the Gujarat state where hundreds have died in the decade's bloodiest communal riots.  Troops patrolled deserted streets in riot-hit areas as authorities increased security on the eve of Ashura.  A police spokesman said a man and woman were attacked by a mob in the sensitive Vejalpur area of Ahmedabad city.  "A couple on a scooter was chased by a mob and cornered. The woman, who was the pillion rider, was dragged off the scooter, stripped and stabbed to death by the mob," said a witness. Condemning the Godhra train attack as well as the subsequent communal disturbances in Gujarat, the Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee, today asserted that violence in the State must end. ``The Gujarat incidents have tarnished the image of the country and violence in the State must stop,'' Mr. Vajpayee told a rally here, marking the completion of four years of the BJP-HVC Government.

Ahmedabad, March 24: A small altercation between a woman buying fruits at the Sindhi market in Ahmedabad two days ago culminated in gutting of 60 shops, five Hindu deaths and over 8 stabbings. The situation is worse in semi urban and rural areas and police officials admit that they have no backed up data or infrastructure to handle the law and order situation in far-flung regions. In Sardarpura village in Mehsana when 29 Muslims were torched to death in a single house, there were only two policemen present. In Pandarvada when over 40 Hindus were killed, there were again just two constables.

AHMEDABAD, MARCH 4. At least seven persons were killed in stabbing incidents and group clashes in different parts of riot-torn Gujarat today even as the official toll in the past five days' violence went up to 523.

AHMEDABAD, MARCH 3. The orgy of violence in Gujarat appears to have ended. Today only two deaths were reported, one from Godhra. Officially the
death roll is 431, more than half of them in Ahmedabad.

AHMEDABAD, MARCH 2. As many as 86 people were killed in fresh incidents of violence in different parts of Gujarat today with disturbances spreading to newer and remote rural areas.

AHMEDABAD, MARCH 1. The toll in the violence has been officially put at 136, including 119 deaths being reported from Ahmedabad city alone of which at least 17 people were killed in police firing. But unconfirmed reports put the toll at over 200 with more bodies still being extricated from the minority housing colonies set ablaze in eghaninagar and Naroda localities on Thursday. Hindu mobs and opposing Muslim mobs fought each other during street battles in Ahmedabad on Friday.

AHMEDABAD, FEB. 28. At least 140 people were killed, 60 of them burnt alive in two housing colonies here today,  during the ``Gujarat bandh'' called by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and supported by the ruling BJP in protest against Wednesday's torching of  the Sabarmati Express. Mr. Modi said 80 people, including two local Muslim councillors of Godhra who were believed to be involved in the train attack and the Muslim owners of the two petrol pumps suspected to have supplied fuel to the attackers, had been arrested.

GANDHINAGAR, FEB. 27. Fifty-eight Hindus, mostly women and children, were killed and 43 sustained burn injuries when a coach of the Faizabad-Ahmedabad Sabarmati Express carrying `Ram sevaks' was set afire by a group of 2000 Muslims in a well planned attack on the outskirts of the Godhra railway station, about 200 km from here, this morning. The `Ram sevaks' were returning from Ayodhya.

Let me also give you a few other snippets I have gathered with much trouble from the media. These relate to the events in Godhra before the train was attacked.

   1. A group of outsiders from the extremist Deobandi Tableeghi Muslim sect had taken over the  mosques in Godhra and deliberately inflamed passions (India Today, March 18, 2002)
   2. 500 cows were slaughtered illegally in Bharuch in February. Cow slaughter is prohibited in Gujarat, and Hindus consider this a deliberate provocation by Muslims (Outlook, April 1, 2002)
   3. Firefighters testified that when their tenders rushed to the scene of train fire, they were prevented  from reaching the scene by a mob led by Haji Bilal, one of the main accused (India Today, date unknown, and The Hindustan Times, March 18, 2002)
   4. The original plan was to torch the entire Sabarmati Express at a place called Chanchlav, near Godhra. This was revealed by a SIMI militant named Hasim, alias Syed Raza. The plot was foiled because the train was late by five hours (The Pioneer, April 18, 2002 and Gujarat Samachar, date unknown).
   5. The intent was to create massive communal disturbances all over the country (The Pioneer, April 18, 2002 and Gujarat Samachar, date unknown).
So why are these apparent facts, which buttress the suggestion that the Godhra massacre was not  spontaneous, but part of a planned communal conflagration, not debated in the media? The intent,  and to some extent the outcome, are clear: to divert all of India's attention away from the war situation with Pakistan; to cause yet another Budget to become ineffective; to help the Congress come to power; to make Indians defensive and thus more likely to cave into pressure on other
 items.  Finally, I repeat myself: why has nobody published the details about the nameless victims of the Godhra massacre? Why is it that the public is being told to think of them as mere numbers, in fact  'Hindu militants', 'Hindu activists', etc which imply that they got what they deserved? These were just pilgrims; despite looting Hindu temples, the Indian State does not provide Hindu pilgrims with subsidised travel, for instance to Manasarovar.  I repeat myself again: the English-language media and the alleged 'intelligentsia' of India are a major  part of the problem, as they suffer from self-imposed dhimmitude and the Marxist propensity for lies on a gross scale. Until they learn to at least have a semblance of evenhandedness, they will continue  to be mere Pied Pipers: evil people, Ugly Journalists with no ethics, leading people to their doom.  Rajeev Srinivasan